You Run Your Business
We Run Your Tech

Running your business take a lot your time.

Don't spend it on technical issues that you don't have time to research and fix. Let us help.

I've been in the technical field for over 30 years. Along the way I managed to learn a thing or two. I look forward to assisting you and your business.

Don TEague


What We Do

Digital Marketing

Let us show you how AI powered websites, combined with local SEO can improve your rankings in the search engines.

SuiteDash Consulting

SuiteDash is a powerful "All-in-One" software solution for small and medium sized businesses.

Video Editing

We are currently accepting basic video editing jobs using DaVinci Resolve.

Our availability for more complex jobs will open up in early 2024.

Please contact us for details

Zoom Rental

Need to run a large meeting or webinar, but don't want to get a long term Zoom license?

We can support up to 500 people in a meeting or webinar. 

Everything Else

We do more than just what's listed above.

Be sure to check out everything at