If you are a user of Instagram that wants to better track new followers, this article will show you how to use Zapier for this task. With Zapier integrations you have the ability to get data from one web site or application to another with ease.

Once you create a new Zap, chose the Instagram app as the trigger. If you have not connected your Instagram account to Zapier, then you will want to do that. ¬†You will have a few options to trigger the Zap, but you want to choose the “New Follower” option. The Zapier interface will walk you through the rest of the steps.

Second, you want to create an action. Select the “Slack” app, and “Send a channel message.” If you have not connected your Slack account, you will need to do that as well. See the link in the first step for assistance. After you have connected your account, select the channel you wish the message to go to. You will then be able to click the icon on the right of the required and optional fields, which will pull user information from Step 1, the trigger.

Once these steps are configured you will be able to test the Zap. This will show you an example of how the Zap will look once it hits your selected channel in Slack. If you don’t see the message showing up in your designated channel, then you have a problem with the Zap. You should have an error message on the screen that will help you determine what the problem is.
This workflow would be a great way for a small team to track new followers on an Instagram account. With Slack you could have team members communicating with each other in real time, allowing them to quickly greet new Instagram followers and make a positive impression upon you or your brand.

If you have other questions about this integration, or want to learn more about workflow automation in general, please contact us and let’s discuss things.