Workflow Automation

Imagine the following …¬† You’re a small business with a few employees. You manage the company to-do list via a Google Spreadsheet. However you don’t want to give other employees access to that calendar.

Instead you manually add projects to your spreadsheet and then go create a card in Trello so that everyone else can see it.

Stop wasting time.

With workflow automation it is possible to add a row to your Google Spreadsheet and have that item then appear in your Trello account automatically! At the same time you could have that entry sent to certain cell phones via SMS, sent to users via Slack and more. ¬†That’s just one of hundreds, if not thousands, of integrations that are possible with Zapier.

Synchronized Consulting is NOT affiliated with Zapier in any way. However, we use Zapier in our business and will help you create the “Zaps” you need in order to automate your workflow so that you can run your business, and not worry about your tech.