If you run your own WordPress website there are 3 plugins you should install to improve your overall experience. These 3 plugins do very different things, but they have the ability to help you in three critical areas. Backup, Protect and Enhancements. In this blog post I’m going to show you the three that you need to install right now.


Quite possibly one of this most important things you can do is to have a backup of your WordPress site. While your provider may indicate they do backups, nothing is more critical than to have a copy of the site that you control at all times. If your web host were to have a catastrophic failure that rendered their storage facilities useless, that backup they did for you isn’t going to do much good. I recommend Akeeba Backup for your WordPress site.

Akeeba gives you the ability to back up your site via the WordPress administration console any time you want. You could then download a copy to your local computer so that you have a version of the backup for safekeeping. The paid version of Akeeba even gives you the ability to store that backup in an offsite location such as DropBox, Google Drive, One Drive and more.  The paid version also gives you the ability to schedule backups, via command line, so that you can have the backup running nightly.


Let’s face it. There are people out there who seek out website infrastructure to damage with their phishing scripts and malware.  While no software package is going to be the ultimate protection, iThemes Security has many features you will want to have protecting your site. It offers detection services for Brute Force Attacks, File Change and excessive 404 errors. It can help you with an automatic backup of your database, hide the login page and email you reports when someone is locked out of your site. There are many other features that it offers, but instead of me going into them here, please go see what iThemes Security can do for you.


JetPack, written by the folks at WordPress.com, is a fantastic plugin that has many features that will be useful. Just a sample of these features are:
  1. Centralized Management: Have more than one WordPress site? Log in to a central location and manage them all from there.
  2. Image Performance: JetPack will distribute your images into the cloud and serve them to your web site visitors from a location that is closer to them. This will speed up the loading of your site.
  3. Downtime Monitoring: Get an email notification when your site goes down.

JetPack has both free and paid services. Everything listed above is free, as are a lot of other features built into the platform.

While there are a lot of WordPress Plugins out there, these 3 will form a solid foundation for your web site. By having a solid backup plan, a security solution and useful enhancements, you are on your way to designing a rock solid and stable WordPress website.